Monday, May 16, 2011

Roy Blunt tweets: "Heading to see the #OBL photos this morning." Why?

"Where's the pictures of the dead guy? Let me in, I wanna see them, I deserve it, I'm a senator, show-me and all that stuff. C'mon you guys, let me see them!"Artistic interpretation of Senator Roy Blunt asking to see the death photos of Osama Bin Laden

Roy Blunt tweeted this morning he was "Heading to see the OBL photos this morning."


Ah, I get it now, Roy's from Missouri, you know, the 'Show-Me' state. Just as he didn't believe Obama was a citizen because Ol' Roy hadn't seen his birth certificate, maybe Ol' Roy can't believe OBL is dead until he sees the death photos.

Birth certificates, health records, death certificates, death photos, it's all the same to Ol' Roy. Seems sort of creepy, wanting to see photos of a dead man. But hey, show me what we got for our money.

Say, do you think he's taking Billy with him? Can you see Billy Long looking at death photos? Maybe we can get Jack Merritt to take some photos?

If Roy can see the photos, why can't I? Is Roy a 'super-citizen' with 'super-privileges' that other American's don't have?

What purpose does it serve to see the death photos?

Well, it's shows America what we got for the 500 billion trillion zillion dollars we spent chasing after the guy and leaving our footprint all over the middle east.

Here's what Jon Stewart had to say about releasing the photos....

And Lawrence O'Donnell's change of heart regarding release of the photos

Ok, I'm tired of picking fruit this morning, I got stuff I got to do for I am a busy man.

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