Thursday, May 12, 2011

Long to attend groundbreaking for federally funded health clinic:Roy taught Billy Long well

Roy Blunt shown explaining the intricacy of a dance step to Billy Long*

From the Cassville Democrat:

Groundbreaking ceremonies slated for new clinic Groundbreaking ceremonies for the new Access Family Care Clinic in Cassville have been slated for 10 a.m. on Friday, May 20 with 7th District Congressman Billy Long scheduled to attend the event.

Access Family Care was founded in 1996 as a federally qualified health center for the purpose of increasing access to primary healthcare for those who lack medical insurance coverage.
According to the Access FAmily Care website, the Missouri Department of Health, guided the administrators to form a consortium to write a grant proposal from the Primary Health Care Resources (PRIMO). The grant was designed to provide health care for all residents of these counties regardless ofincome, ethnicity, and inadequate or lack of health insurance.

The Ryan Budget that Billy Long voted in favor of before he took a couple of weeks off for Spring Break (he owns that vote) includes significant cuts to programs that fund clinics like this one in Cassville.

From the Access Family Care website: Appropriations Committee has recommended a cut of $1.3 billion for Community Health Centers:Our new Congressman is Billy Long. I really don't know much about him, except he replaces Roy Blunt who was very supportive of health centers. I have no idea where Congressman Long stands on that--not sure if anyone really knows since he is new and no matter what they say, it's how they vote that counts.


Billy says a lot of things to us folks down here in the 7th, but in D.C., he is part of the problem he was sent up there to fix.

*Roy Blunt voted against the stimulus package then claimed credit for projects in Springfield that were funded by the stimulus. Billy's learning to dance.

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