Monday, January 31, 2011

Republican Pickup Truck Owner Fears Rhinoceros Attack In Missouri

from What is ruining America for middle-aged white guys who drive monstrous pickup trucks around the Ozarks thanks to the oil from Islamofascist dictatorships? Oh, the usual: President Obama, “the news media,” and higher education. Also, beware of “rhinos,” also. Thanks to Wonkette operative “Will Ferrell.”

The only missing here is trucknutz.


Anonymous said...

Is this Billy Long's truck?

Anonymous said...

Bus, as usual you crack me up. I laughed.....these are the same f@$#ers that elected Bush and got this whole recession/depression thing going big time---hell we may never recover from this thing.

Amazing they forget their most recent history.

It's like they're blaming:

1. Obama (never Bush who spent years holdin' hands and eatin' bbq in Crawford with the Bin Ladens. Heck Bush loaded an entire airplane full of these Bin Ladin "terriorists" and made sure they got out of the good ol' USA after 911. Wouldn't you think our law enforcement folks would'a like to sit a spell with these folks concerning the family member Osama Bin Laden?

2. Smart people, i.e. anyone who reads big words.

3. The media, i.e. anyone who reads big words, writes big words, and says big words.

** big words = over 5 characters.

They're real rocket scientists huh?

Anonymous said...

Obviously the owner of the truck owns a lettering company. What a way to show off one's work.

I won't be calling the guy, if that truck pulled up to my business I'd send him packing in short order. He's probably got a temper and a gun too.....scary. I wouldn't even let my kids walk NEAR that truck.

THESE ARE the people the FBI should be watching.