Thursday, January 06, 2011

Long slams Pelosi

Billy House, reporter for the National Journal, has these quotes from Congressman "Just call me Billy" Long about Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi's speech yesterday in a post published this morning:

While Boehner and his office aren’t commenting (driver's note: about the length and tone of Pelosi's speech), others in the new House GOP majority—like freshman Rep. Billy Long of Missouri—suggest that Pelosi, as a departing speaker, was less than gracious with the length and braggadocio of her remarks.

“I think it’s rather apparent. I’d have handled it differently,” said Long, who complained that Pelosi’s speech—at least it seemed that way to him—was longer than Boehner’s speech after accepting the gavel.
Ah, jeez.


Timeshare Jake said...

What happened to the Billy Long that said he doesn't run to a microphone every time it's offered? What that just his way of keeping the people from Southwest Missouri from having real insight into this dolt?

The CDM said...

I guess you really did leave "fired up" from last night's meeting.