Wednesday, January 26, 2011

FED UP YET? One from the irony file

Fed Up Inc. educates kids on body image, self esteem and healthy living to address disordered eating and promote health at every size. We are creating social change to be healthier and love our bodies.

Founded in 2009 Fed Up Inc. creates young leaders and peer educators. Based in Los Angeles, Fed Up goes inside “Hollywood” to get a close look at how media images are created. We work with stylists, makeup artists, photographers, hairstylists, actors, singers, personalities, agents, producers, directors and people behind the scenes who create the art that is Show Business. Our goal is to help educate everyone on how media is created and encourage people to stop comparing themselves to these images. Most importantly we are a grassroots campaign that encourages people to be their best individual selves. Our young people become Junior Ambassadors who are able to work hard to help promote a healthier and happier world. Fed Up educates people on “no body bashing”, discouraging negative talk about a person’s body or food. We will be an international movement by 2011 and never hear the words, “I am on a diet” again!

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