Monday, January 17, 2011

D.C. news blog has story on bloggers "worrisome to Long"

During the Joplin debate, Long said to Eckersley, "Hot diggity dog. Anytime you lie, Scott, I'm going to holler out 'Hot diggity dog.' And you lied last night. You lied consistently about me that I signed some kind of a questionnaire."

When Billy votes to raise the debt ceiling will you join me in mailing, texting, emailing, calling Billy Long's office and shouting "HOT DIGGITY DOG!"
From Washington D.C. "The Hill":

Missouri blogger Clay Bowler is up in arms after being targeted by the FBI as a potential threat to newly elected Rep. Billy Long (R-Mo.).

Bowler is the author of a blog called Long is Wrong, in which he has questioned whether Long is conservative enough.

Bowler told local media that he was shocked last week when an FBI agent stopped by his house accompanied by Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott. They told him that in the wake of the shooting spree in Tucson, Ariz., last Saturday, Long had identified Bowler as a possible threat.

“It’s political payback,” Bowler told the Christian County Headliner News. “I’ve poked fun at Billy. Part of it was satire — exposing Billy as not being a real Tea Party candidate.” Long was elected in November to the seat formerly held by now-Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.).

In response to Bowler’s accusation, Long’s office issued this statement: “We will continue to work with the Capitol Hill Police and will follow their advice at every turn, as we have thus far. Any questions regarding this matter should be addressed to the Capitol Hill Police.”

A spokeswoman for the U.S. Capitol Police declined to comment.

But according to Sheriff Arnott, Bowler might not be the only person who’ll have a chance to talk to a G-Man about Long. Arnott told KSPR that Long identified several other people as potential threats.

On Friday, 01-14-2010, in an interview with Nick Reed of KSGF radio (listen to podcast here), Sheriff Arnott Long's office gave him Bowler's name.

Why did Long's office give up Bowler's name? Did they do a background check on Bowler and find questionable activities?

If so, is it common practice for an elected official to probe into the background of a constituent?

If Long's staff did not do a background check on Bowler, then why did they turn his name into Arnott?

For writing a blog critical of Billy Long?

In which case I should be expecting a visit?

This story is developing

Couple of days ago the Turner Report linked to a story in the Cincinnati Enquirer about congressmen who pack heat. Billy wouldn't cop out if he was carrying or not. But, this photo can certainly give us an indication.


The CDM said...

I guess you might be expecting a visit, Jim. But, I'm sure Billy thinks your blogis entertaining....


Timeshare Jake said...


You know Billy Long handed over his enemies list for political retribution. On the radio on Friday, Arnott told Nick Reed this investigation took a turn they weren't expecting when it went national. At that point, Billy Long's office and Sheriff Arnott retreated and then went into damage control. Fortunately, the Internet remembers.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Billy Long Auctions? A very, very interesting story.

You will understand why Bob Kolhmeir-mayer-mooer-muppet was selected by Billy to be his 'agricultural advisor.' Unfortunately, old Bob does not know which end the hay goes in and which end the..............

Anonymous said...

Is there no longer a Billy Long Auction? I noticed in the Sunday N-L that the company was no longer represented as having upcoming activities. What has happened?

Just a thought. If Long no longer is providing a revenue stream to the News-Leader, will they finally get the editor to finally get their heads out of their...I'm sorry I'm having a laughing fit.

Anonymous said...

The Billy Long Auctions Web site still shows Boss Hogg as the main auctioneer. Boo hoo, Billy was going to have to sell his business, but could it be he is funding Bob Kolhmeir's temporary ownership of the Auction house with a federal check under the guise 'agricultural advisor.'

Anonymous said...

Word on the street is that Billy Long was asking one million dollars for his business and that after careful due-diligence it was determined the business, like the owner, had no real value. Bummer.

Bus, does the MPA membership entitle you to seek information under the Freedom of Information Act?

If yes, I've got some targets for you.

Who's black Charger is that in my driveway?

Anonymous said...

Word from DC claims one of the first items for Billy Long in DC was to locate all the close casinos on the West Coast.

Anonymous said...