Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Area Citizen Journalist on FiredUpMissouri's Top Ten Tweeps of 2010

From Fired Up Missouri

--- For your Tuesday afternoon delight, here are few lists of tweeps we follow to stay on top of things. This obviously isn't an endorsement of all of the things these tweeps write, but they'll keep you informed and keep it interesting.

Citizen Journalists/Bloggers:

@rturner229 - Randy Turner of the Turner Report
@eyokley -Eli Yokley of the Fuse joplin(@thefusejoplin)and PoliticMo @PoliticMo).
@stlactivisthub - Adam Shriver of St. Louis Activist Hub.
@TonysKansasCity - Tony's Kansas City
@MBersin - Michael Bersin of Show Me Progress
@ehoffp - Eric Hoffpauir of Show Me Progress
@BHIndepMO - Brandon H. of of Show Me Progress
@BGinKC - Blue Girl of Show Me Progress
@SharkFu of AngryBlackBitch.com
@busplunge - Jim Lee of the Busplunge
It's an honor just to be nominated.


Anonymous said...

Greene County would be well served if Governor Nixon appoints Jim Lee to be the Treasurer. Nixon should have selected Lee as one of the License Office fee administrators.

Mr. Lee has the financial knowledge to wisely manage our tax dollars. He'll be sure the county seeks low bidders on tax dollar expenditures. But even more important, he'll participate in County Commission meetings to carefully watch their decisions on how money is being spent.

The very nature of his personality would allow the other officeholders to work with someone with good knowledge about city, county and state government.

Unlike the former Treasurer, Mr. Lee would be in the courthouse 100% of the time, not diverted by outside interests, looking out for our best interest.

Plus, I think it would be cool for all of the Greene County officials to ride in the bus in the 2011 Christmas Parade.

Anonymous said...

Lee is also a thespian who frequently masticates in public places.

Busplunge said...

My two favorite commentators: Mom and Steve.

Anonymous said...

I am the first common tater and I am neither Mom nor Steve.

Anonymous said...

Way to Go Bus, too bad it'll go to the career politican.....
but that is the way of politics.

Anonymous said...

Coonrod is an amazing man...but can't hold a candle to you Jim. If you get the job you should drive that yellow bus to work everyday so people will know that you are actually on the job and not wasting taxpayers money like so many do today.

Anonymous said...

Coonrod is all smoke and mirrors, period.

Anonymous said...

Jim is sexier as well

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