Thursday, December 23, 2010

Xmas Bus Rides

2010 ride. back row: Trey Lee, Peggy Crable, Kathy Alexander, Sara Lee holding Sadie Lee, Tillie Wood, Brian Wood. Front row: Skyler George, Blake George, Mattie Turpin, Sophie Lee, Braedon Wood, Riley Wood, Austin Lee, Finn MacAdams

2009 ride. Keegan Crable, Austin Lee, Blake George, Griffin Crable, Sophie Lee

2008 ride. Karen Alexander, Kristin Lee holding Sophie Lee, Trey Lee, Austin Lee, Mattie Turpin, Skyler George, Blake George, Brooke George, Jim Lee II, Peggy Crable and Sam Turpin in front of Jim.

2006 ride. In the bus: Karen Alexander, Daniel Sayers, Fred Crable, Mary Lou Lee, Pride Turpin, Sara Sayers. outside the bus: Trey Lee, Miranda Turpin, Chance Turpin, Austin Lee, Riley Wood, Keegan Crable, Griffin Crable, Braedon Wood.

2005 ride. Back row: Cali Pettijohn, Scott Fischer, Kristin Lee holding Skylar George, Jim Lee, Peggy Crable holding Griffin Crable, Brooke George, Sara Sayers, Daniel Sayers. Front row: Blake George, Austin Lee, Trey Lee, Keegan Crable

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Anonymous said...

An excellent looking group of bus riders.