Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Are there any pure white chicks left?

On Springfield Craigslist now:


Anonymous said...

Of course their are white chicks available. Estes Hatchery should be able to help this lonesome rooster with:

Leghorns, but I doubt Foghorn would want his chicks to associate with him.

Rhode Island Whites, and be sure the Rhode Island Red chicks try to pass themselves off as white.

The Ac has white feathers but with black skin and being Vietnamese would probably not meet his criteria.

White Wyandottes are a little bit too classy for this dummy but that leads us to.........

White Dorkings which could be a perfectd match for this dork.

White Silkies are a lot of flash which may be all he is interested in, kind of a trophy chick.

Bandara chicks are white as adults but this dork (I like that) would probably dump the chick before the white beauty matured.

I'm sure other white chicks are out there but I can't get my beak around them at this time.

Timeshare Jake said...

Craigslist reports they had to remove a 35 year old man with the last name of Long from posting.

The CDM said...

Seriously, has this guy never heard of Harrison, Arkansas?

Anonymous said...

Or Jane, Missouri.