Friday, July 09, 2010

Billionaires Rally With Blunt At Greene County Courthouse As Blunt Displays Country Charm And Looks After Their Interest

Billionaires who have made their fortunes on Wall Street by investing in big oil, tobacco and giant corporations stopped in Southwest Missouri earlier this week to give support to Roy Blunt at a rally held at the historic Greene Country Courthouse in Springfield.

“When Roy talks the talk of Main Street, drives a pick up truck, and says he wants more jobs for people in Missouri, he’s giving us a wink and a nod. We know where his loyalties lie, “said Dee Regulation. “We are here to make sure he knows we appreciate him standing up for the top 1 percent.” We know his new TV ads need to omit all the years of of public office holding in House of Representatives and his ongoing alliance with the architect of the Bush years, Karl Rove but we know he is the ultimate insider or we wouldn’t be giving him sooooo much money, millions in fact.

“He talks about supporting small business, but we know we can always count on him to vote for big business, big oil, big coal, and big banks,” said Ollie Garky, another billionaire who made the stop in Springfield. “We got proof of that when he voted no on the financial reform bill that would have made making our fortunes quite a bit harder,” he added.

The billionaires said they plan to continue to give Roy Blunt all the support he needs as he represents Wall Street, from southwest Missouri.

Frida Market got in a bit of a tussle with local environmentalist Josh Jones who was holding a sign saying that Blunt was “Paid for by dirty oil.” “The nerve of this upstart,” snorted Frida as she tried to wave him off with her “Amnesty for BP” sign. After, all, she added, “Blunt is the number one recipient of oil lobby money,. Blunt is bought and paid for and we are here to support our investment.”

The Billionaires appeared at a rally Blunt and a few supporters held at the Greene County Courthouse as part of Blunt's campaign to bring media attention to the airing of campaign television ads that highlight his background but leave out his government experience.

Viewers of the ad are of mixed opinions as to the authenticity of the location. Some are of the belief that the farm background in the campaign ad was computer generated and placed in the ad after Blunt filmed his portion in front of a green screen.

All over this great country of ours ("What A Place!" -- Yakov) Billionaires are protecting their interest ("Ka-ching") and farming groups such as Billionaires For Blunt and a group called "Billionaires for Wealthcare". It is not known if these groups are affiliated with Rex Sinquefield has sunk $6.8 million into an effort to repeal the 1 percent earnings tax in Kansas City and St. Louis. He’s expected to spend millions more.

The KCStar reports that "Sinquefield, who wrote the committee a check for more than $2.5 million in mid-June, is virtually the only source of cash for Let Voters Decide, records show." Perhaps the committee (of one?) should be called "Let The Voter Decide."


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I dislike him so much it gives me a headache just reading his name.

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