Monday, July 19, 2010

Billy Long Voted To Accept $7 Million In Earmarks While On #SGF Airport Board

for a bus barn!

Not long ago I went to the airport to pick up family flying in from Orlando.

So we wouldn't have to take two cars, we took the bus.

I got early and saw the sign on that barn that said something like Buses Only, so I pulled in there to wait for the arrival.

Quickly I was told I couldn't park there, that the area was for buses only.



Anonymous said...

But, but, but, but, he said he is against all earmarks. What's up with that?

Anonymous said...

Hell, I thought the bus was a bus.

What do they mean by denying Bus the courtesy of parking the bus in the bus barn?

Them bustards!

Anonymous said...

What Billy Long isn't really Fed Up? You mean that's just a gimmick developed by a Washington marketing firm in hopes Long will trick enough tea party members to vote for him as he hides the earmark he helped see through while on the airport board?

Anonymous said...

This is the rush-job earmark that spent $7 million dollars to build a $900,000 metal building for charter buses tha seldom used it and CU bus traffic.

Was this part of the Vision 2000, or 20/20 or 40/12 or whatever program that has wasted so much money?

And to think that Mr. Long is so politically challenged that he pledges not to ask for earmarks after mis-handling this earmark while he had oversight responsibilities on the Springfied/Branson Airport Board.

Enough is enough Mr. Long, and you've had your chance and blew it. Sure don't need your blind eye in Congress.

Anonymous said...

Billy Long is my hero.

Leroy Van Dyke

Anonymous said...

Leroy Van Dyke endorses Billy Long

Anonymous said...

Watch it and laugh at Billy Long

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, Billy-Bob Long.

Our hero.

God help us.