Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What A Mess With McGwire--

Bryan Burwell, a sports writer with the St. Louis Post Dispatch, has some thoughts on the mess with McGwire.

"I hope you can all accept this," McGwire said with a nervous grin. "Let's all move on from this. Baseball is great right now. Baseball is better. Let's just all move on."

Nothing to look at here, people. Just move along, please just move along.

So here's how Wag the McGwire works. They are counting on you to be as gullible and fatigued as this small sampling of Cardinals fanatics proved to be. They are hoping that you will be just like the folks in LA and the folks in San Francisco and the folks in New York who have already participated in the scam so successfully.

They give you a little snippet of the truth, an ambiguous alibi that never quite tells the full story, and they are counting on that being more than enough for you.

Ding-dong, the steroid era is dead.

That may work for some of you, and I understand that. But that does not work so well with the other characters in this show whom the spin doctors are having a devil of a time manipulating fully. Reporters don't move on simply because they have been told to move on. It's not our job to move on. It's our job to dig in and keep probing until we get the entire truth.

And just so you know, there still are plenty of questions that need to be asked and answered. Important questions that must be addressed now that the Cardinals have put one of the biggest steroid cheats in baseball history — one of the scandal's original sinners — right back in the clubhouse and put him in charge of nurturing all their hitters.
The same scam is being perpetuated on us. Go back and read this again.

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