Thursday, January 14, 2010

Today's Lesson:

This afternoon, I withdrew my bid for the South Glenstone License Fee Office.

Here, dang near by chapter and verse, are the lessons I learned:

Chapter 1: Tell Them What You Are Going To Do

Chapter 2: Do It

Chapter 3: The Law of Inverses: Turning 16% into 3%

Chapter 4: It's A Cosmic Coincidence

Chapter 5: How Avoid Getting Hurt While Falling Off The Turnip Truck (advanced, not for those who drive the short bus)

Chapter 6: Manger or Manager: Lessons from the Green Balloon

Chapter 7: Missouri? Arizona? Hey, We're All Americans!

Chapter 8: How To Land That Dream Job

Chapter 9: How To Keep That Dream Job

Chapter 9: You Can't Tell The Players Without A Scorecard

Chapter 10: Our Expanding Universe.

Test Questions (answers not provided).


Anonymous said...

Shirley, er I mean surely, the Missouri General Assembly will hold hearings on the growing number of problems associated with the fee offices and the conflict of interest and possible corruption involving Alternative Opportunities.

Is there not one of the Southwest Missouri delegation willing to begin an inquiry?

Stewart said...

Aw come on Anon 7:33 pm--

Shirley you jest!

I think all the SWMO delegation can see is campaign contributions!

This is an old story. There are more important fish out there to fry.

Stuff like slaughterhouses for horses, renaming highways and running for state senate.

Jim--put this affair behind you. It has bad karma and too much negative energy.

Stick to the important things:

Will a free parking space in the car park come with a condo in the Heer's building?

Which firestations are open today?

Will Steve Helms ever learn to quit writing those asinine columns in the newspaper and stfu?

Anonymous said...

7:33 pm to Stewart:

I've read and re-read your comments to find something to disagree with. I'm still reading.

Kudos. Excellent points.

Helms is getting thousands of dollars in free advertising from the NL. Why stop? He's not very smart but has the NL in the palm of his hand.