Friday, January 29, 2010

Still More Leaves From An Ozark Journal

The continuing saga of Leaves From An Ozark Journal.

Jan. 24. Snow and flu, 17 at S.S. and church. 17 at C.E. Roads dangerous. Schools dismissed because of bad roads yet I drove to Houston for County Board Meeting.

Jan. 25. About sick with flu. Reading Tarbell's "Life of Lincoln." Horrible reports of floods on Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. David sick with flu. Nora next. Quite a job to cook and care for the kiddies.

Jan. 29. Lois down with flu. David up. Schools dismissed. No sleep on Saturday night, flu had me. Spent Sunday in bed and missed Houston date. No S.S. today, all families sick. Nellie doing chores for us.Ohio River overflowing its banks in Louisville, Kentucky, January 1937.

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