Thursday, January 21, 2010

More Leaves From An Ozark Journal

Frequent bus riders will recall the first installment of Leaves From An Ozark Journal. We pick up where we left off.

On Jan. 5 Dr. Tilley deposited $300 for church building fund. Others gave smaller sums. Twenty men signed for donated labor.

Jan. 7. Helped provide clothes for W.P.A. family of eight children. Another family in need--14 people living in three rooms. Warm discussion over causes of War, in Moffatt store. Some favor killing the leaders of war first.

Sleet and ice Jan. 9--no one for church, few people in town. Grace makes new sentences--"Daddy, tie my shoe." Takes off her shoes and goes bare-footed. Tries to count. David trying to write.

Reading "Pathfinder" and pamphlet on Ozark Christian College. Hardly twenty families at church Jan. 10. Canvass report showed 1937 budget pledged; 78 days of donated labor pledged for S.S. Annex. Reading Jan '37 "Reader's Digest."

Jan. 11 at Houston to hear Supt. Tate at United Dry Forces meeting-13 present. Local option by counties the next step.

Mrs. Beaumont gave me a three volume set of Br. Heaumont's "Evenings with the Bible" by Isaac Errett.

Several workdays at church this week. Some joke when Otto McLaughlin's dynamite took a plank out of the church house floor and damaged the ceiling.

Half the people sick with flu at Stoutland. No one came to Sunny Side Service. Twelve present at Friendship, seven went in my car. Could allow myself to get discouraged.

Jan. 18 in Hartville meeting. Roomed in the Carter house. Aunt Mary, 81 years of age, liked to talk to Todd and me.

Many calls in homes and schools. Marion Palmer, strong in the faith, turned from the Baptist faith forty years ago in a Giddens vs Baptist debate.

Seventy-five at church one night, only 14 the next night when the blizzard came.

Todd and I in our room talked until midnight. He told of baptizing one man, no others present, both were nude.

Met Perry Rainey family. Mr. Rainey is Vocational Ag teacher. Supper in Rainey home. Church cancelled on account of weather.

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