Thursday, July 17, 2008

Skatepark Stuff

Frequent bus riders know my opinions on the current litigation between the Springfield Skate Park Association and Park Board. Parks has filed suit against SSA to take over the facility.

I first posted this lst January:"A Dang Few Thoughts On The Springfield Skatepark".

Then, this post referencing the sale of the land under the park to the city by the school district was posted last January. The comments are interesting.

I made a post on the City Council meeting where the land grab took place. The link is here, the part about the skatepark is in the middle of the post.

This post here is press release from "The City" about the skatepark. It was published last May.

The SN-L has published stories on this subject. Other blogs such as Life Of Jason and Jackehammer have posted on this issue also. I am going to let the bus rider do the linking on these blogs--they are listed on the right side of this blog. When you get to their blogs, do a search on "skatepark". You will find numerous articles.

This here is a pretty good post on this issue. Stu's Potluck is also a blog linked on my sidebar.


Jason said...

Jim, I hope you don't mind, but I thought I'd help your riders out if they wanted to see the postings from my blog (so they wouldn't have to waste time searching.)

This should be very interesting should it get into court. Who knows when that will actually happen!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for it to get to court, eh Jason? Salivating, aren't you. What stake do you have in this Jason? Do you or your kids use the park? Why do you have such an intense hatred for the park? Why do you waste no time in lambasting every little blog and post about the skatepark? What do you think goes on at the park, Jason? Do you have firsthand knowledge of what the park is like? Please share. For one with so much to say about Springfield Skatepark, surely you can answer these questions. One final query -- what's in it for you Jason?