Sunday, July 20, 2008

Homosexual Males Prefer The Color Blue

This is one of my most read posts.Color preferences according to gender and sexual orientation
The present study was undertaken to verify findings surrounding sex differences in color preferences, and to extend this realm of inquiry by looking for possible differences in color preferences associated with sexual orientation.
Based on a large sample of North American college students, significant gender differences were found, with the main difference being a greater preference for shades of blue by males than by females.Females, on the other hand, tended to be more evenly divided than males between preferring both green and blue. Regarding sexual orientation, we found no significant differences between heterosexuals and homosexual/bisexuals of either gender. In other words, male and female homosexuals/bisexuals exhibited essentially the same configuration of color preferences as did their heterosexual counterparts.


Anonymous said...

I'd always heard that blue was AMERICA'S favorite color.

How many times did you mention homosexual? I didn't bother to count.

Do a post on sexy Dubai and Pakistan and see what kind of weirdness the world brings to your doorstep.

Adonis said...

With a name like "Busplunge" I bet I can guess your favorite colour!

Busplunge said...

Yellow or Orange....actually I am red/green color blind. That's why I washed out of helicopter flight school. I mean to tell you that in 1971 I was a mean....I mean to tell you I had NO FEAR.