Monday, July 14, 2008

Oh Yeah* And The Sign Got Moved

*Photo was NOT taken in the Greene County Circuit Clerk's Office.

In other news, the speed limit sign has been moved to a spot north of the fence. I went out to the talk to the guys who were moving the sign. They must have been pretty busy sitting in their truck filling out paperwork because they didn't acknowledge me. I told them thanks for moving the sign, I couldn't get my mower between the fence and the sign. The driver of the truck said he saw that I hadn't moved my bus. I told him why move the bus when you are going to move the sign and where I usually park the bus is where the new sign is going. I didn't want to park the bus where it would be in the way of the new sign He said I told him that I was going to move the bus. I told the driver I had talked to someone with "The City" about the sign placement. He replied, "Yeah, we know.":
I came back in the house and my private nurse said the driver never looked up from his paperwork when he was talking to you. Well, I thought the driver could have been a little more friendly. But, the sign is moved, I can mow the right of way unobstructed and most of the Public Works employees are polite. Thank you.
Old Sign location:From the originial post on the sign:

But I do need to make this comment: Public Works put up new speed limit signs on the three streets in our neighborhood. In the past I have blogged about sidewalks, public works and neighborhood meetings. (It is my experience that Public Works is a city department that works to accommodate the citizens of this city) The new speed limit sign was positioned close enough to the fence that I could not get my lawn mower between the fence and the sign post without removing the grass catcher. I called Public Works, got a hold of Dan Jesson, and he explained the reasoning for the sign placement (Public Works tries to put signs between property lines, as this one is). When I told him I couldn't mow between the sign and the fence, he said how about if the sign is moved 10' north of the fence. He must have been looking at an aerial photo of the property because I would mention a tree or a fence post and he knew exactly where it was and what I was talking about. So thanks to Springfield Public Works for listening to our neighborhood and working to accommodate us and for not once referring to "Vision 20/20" or "Long Range Plans".

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