Saturday, November 10, 2007

Two People Who Still Believe In Adam And Eve: Mitt Romney and A Liberal's Mom

Does Mitt Romney think the pictures posted below look promiscuous?(The picture posted below is obviously not a true representation of Adam and Eve. Leave a comment if you know why!) Meanwhile,
New Hampshire voters are getting a faceful of Mitt Romney. Campaigning door to door, Romney pushed his Iraq message, saying that it's "going right" and "there's more good news on the Iraq front than people have yet internalized."
He meets a former Marine who is "really concerned" about the troops overseas and he wants a change. Romney disagreed with him, saying, "I'm a little more encouraged than you are," and encouraged him to "take a close look."

Then, this gem:

Stopping by one young couple's house, he remarked at the large leaves on their tree, quipping, "Adam and Eve would not have looked as promiscuous if they had had leaves this big.
umm, somebody still believes in the story of Adam and Eve and he's running for president.

Which brings us to this blog dialog over on "The Daily Dish". Andrew Sullivan is saying that his "primary feeling with respect to the Democratic party remains contempt."

A reader responds:
I know. I feel the same way, and I'm a full-speed-ahead liberal.

But both of us have to realize what they're up against: a nation of voters just mom. She's a lovely woman, Andrew. I love her to death. Sweet, kind, generous--she's got it all. But whenever I try to talk to her about torture, warrantless wiretapping, the Military Commissions Act, and the rest she just tunes out. Not only has she never heard of any of this stuff, but when I bring it to her attention it's as if she simply cannot believe any of it. She doesn't get angry or anything--she's not a "my country right or wrong" type. It's more of a "these go to eleven" sort of thing: she just can't get it into her head that these awful things are happening.

There are millions and millions and millions of voters just like her in this respect.
They have no clue about the things that so rile you and me, and when these matters are brought to their attention they find it easier to believe that the person who's bringing them up is crazy than that they might actually be a problem. Moreover, the issues that do get her attention are of the Obama's flag lapel pin type.

Now let's put ourselves in the Democrats' shoes. How do you deal with a nation of voters like my mom, a nation of people who don't know what the Military Commissions Act is, who are inclined to think you're a little touched if you go on and on about it, but who are easily upset by news that a candidate doesn't wear a flag lapel pin? How do you do it?

Yes, the Democrats need to grow balls. But the fault also lies with the media and, though it pains me to say it, with the moms--or the ones like mine, anyway.
Sullivan adds this paragraph:
If leading Democrats actually spoke up against torture without Clintonian defensiveness, many moms like my reader's might actually take notice. But the Democrats are in a vicious cycle: too scared to raise the real issues, those issues get obscured so that when they are subsequently raised, it appears as if only the fringe cares about them. And so the actual scandal of Abu Ghraib - that it was a result of official policies set loose, that the images represent in many cases the interrogation techniques approved by Bush and Cheney, that it resulted in one actual murder-by-torture (see photo below) - might actually be transmitted.
In a later post, a reader asks Sullivan, "What single word would you use to denote your primary feeling with respect to the Republican party? On the general principle that evil itself is worse than the failure to resist evil, it seems to me that this word should be stronger than 'contempt.' But what is it? Loathing? Detestation? Revulsion? None of these seem quite right to me."

Something that combines enormous frustration, disappointment, and shock. Rage?


Anonymous said...

Uh, because they are white? I mean, the genetic code does tell us that all human life originated in Africa.

Sky Girl said...

I heard on a political program that it was likely that Romney would choose Gen. Patreus as a running mate if he was to become the Republican candidate for president.

Please, oh please, let the Republican Party run a Romney/Patreus ticket.

Jason said...

"(The picture posted below is obviously not a true representation of Adam and Eve. Leave a comment if you know why!)"

Would that be because they look like they come from Kansas instead of the middle east? :)

Anonymous said...

Could it be they have 3 fingers and a thumb on their hands.

Busplunge said...

Sherlock Holmes died and went to heaven. As he was passing through the Pearly Gates, St. Peter pulled him aside and said,
"I am so glad you are here. God is in an absolute tizzy. It seems that Adam and Eve have disappeared and are nowhere to be found. God wants them to be the centerpiece for a big to do on creationism and he can't find them. You have got to help us."
Sherlock Holmes said, as any of us would do, ala St. Paul, when God asks, through St. Peter, for our help, "OK".
Quickly Holmes found the first couple. They told him they were tired of all the commotion and attention paid to them, they just wanted to live, ala Paris and Nicole, the simple life and thus, disappeared into the vast wonders of heaven.
Sherlock Holmes told the first two that he understood their dilemma. However, he said, you two are such a part of God's history that you owe it to him to follow his directives in this case. Adam and Eve sheepishly agreed to follow Holmes back to God.
God was amazed that Sherlock Holmes found Adam and Eve so quickly.
"How did you do it," asked the Lord God Almighty, with a thunderous roar!
"Elementary my dear God," replied Holmes. "They were the only two without navels."

Sam said...
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