Tuesday, November 27, 2007

How Bizarre! Abducted By Satan Worshippers 30 Years Ago, Arkansas Mayor Resigns

The mayor of an Arkansas town resigned last Wednesday, claiming he was abducted and brainwashed by Satan worshippers nearly three decades ago.

Centerton Mayor Ken Williams said he has been living under an assumed name for nearly 30 years. He had been mayor since 2001. Centerton is just west of Bentonville, home of Wal-Mart.

The information went public, Williams said, because he runs a Web site about Don LaRose, an Indiana preacher who disappeared about 30 years ago. LaRose's family found the Web site and started inquiring about its author. They found the site registered to a Ken Williams and went from there.

Here is the website. Guess who Ken Williams was before he was Ken Williams. You get three guesses and the first two don't count! Something is fishy here. The website has been updated since this story broke.

Here is newspaper account. I had to read it several times, it is complicated. How Bizarre. Here is Ken Williams' website. How bizarre!

Those of you who can made sense of this, please post comments explaining it all, cause it sure don't make sense to me. What are the chances of running a website about the disappearance of a person when, unbeknownst to you, you ARE that person? How bizarre!


Jason said...

Bizarre doesn't seem a strong enough word here.

Compuelf said...

Once all has been made known, I think we'll find Don wanted to start over with a new identity. At this point we can only guess as to why. I find the excuse that he was abducted and brainwashed by Satanists a bit hard to accept.

Don wasn't someone that would prove a threat to Satanists. He wasn't exposing them in regards to anything. And if he were, killing him would have been a more effective means of keeping him quite.