Friday, July 27, 2012

"FED UP" is born again! The resurrection of Billy Long's slogan. It's better than "Got Milk"!

In 2010 Billy Long won a very crowded primary for the MO7 seat primarily because he was "fed up" with Washington politicians and their cronies. He won with 36% of the vote.

Remember this ad?

It's primary season again and Billy's got some challengers in the primary

Want to know how weak our sitting congressman is--- used to be nobody challenged the incumbent but Billy's got a serious contender. And remember, 2 out of three primary voters did NOT vote for Billy.

This time around Billy can't complain about 'fed up' with Washington Politicians and their cronies because he is one now.

But gosh dang it, that 'fed up' was such a good line that Billy hated to waste it.

Who can he be fed up against?

Roy Blunt?

No, he already tried that and it backfired on him.

Summing up the attitude of many freshmen, Rep. Billy Long (R-Mo.), a former auctioneer, reportedly told lobbyists early last year that party elders such as Boehner and Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), a former House leader, should not be trusted. “John Boehner and Roy Blunt are what’s wrong with Washington,” he said. Bret Funk, Long’s spokesman, said Sunday: “Rep. Long denies this incident ever took place and has nothing but the utmost respect for both Speaker Boehner and Senator Blunt.”

How about the Affordable Healthcare Act? Yeah, Obamacare, that's good for something!

No, wait, can't use that.

Billy's on record saying there's a lot of things in there that he likes. Yeah, he said that several times.

Pay attention Billy! Yeah, you do go first every time. And you can't remember the second part of the question?

Ah jeez Billy, look at you.

If you can't pay attention to a debate in Joplin MO, how the heck do you expect us to believe you pay attention to what goes on in Washington, D.C.?

What? He doesn't?

Prove it.

From the bus garage, December 18, 2011, :
Last March, Long co-sponsored a bill because Peter King asked him to, Long later said he didn't know what was in the bill. When bloggers broke the story, the SN-L interviewed Long: "But when asked about the provision in the bill that would sell off the frequency used by amateur radio operators, Long said that was news to him. He said he co-sponsored the bill because King, the homeland security chairman, asked him to and because the bill is supported by many organizations that are committed to public safety, something he values."
C'mon Billy.

Admit it. You know it and we know it.

You are at in over your head.

What the hell were you thinking when you did this?

"I'll be back"? What are you doing?, channeling Arnold now?

Ah jeez, Billy.

Do you remember telling a radio announcer here in Springfield a couple of months ago when you were a guest on his show that we "don't understand the pressures of being a congressman"?

I'm gonna channel Harry S -- If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

You know, they say Washington is Hollywood for ugly people so it was no surprise when we saw Billy in this CNN video after the White House Correspondent's Dinner. Watch this video snippet, especially at the 55- 1:00 second mark. Where do you think Billy's going? He's going somewhere... yes, he's been sitting in a banquet hall for a couple of hours, drinking something and yeah, we know where he's going.

Billy likes D.C. Sure, there's lots of parties, lots of after dinner speeches and expensive meals. I'm sure it's exciting to be in D.C. and it's fun to tweet and not to worry about those who depend on you to be their representative in congress. I mean how can you be fed up with that?

So last January, Billy was in Miami Beach for some meeting. (Billy's traveled a lot since he got elected. He's been to Las Vegas several times Loopholes allow for Long Vegas vacation, he's been to Israel - rumor has it they loved him and his jokes,--he been to California - I mean how can you be "fed up" with all that travel. Miami Beach! WOW!

Anyhow, Billy was in Miami Beach --that's the city made famous by Jackie Gleason...

Ah heck, I'll let The Miami Herald tell the story:
Against the backdrop of the sparkling Atlantic Ocean, a House subcommittee convened a field hearing in Sunny Isles Beach Monday to discuss U.S. readiness if an offshore oil spill in Cuba or the Bahamas reached American waters or drifted ashore.

The hearing of the Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation Subcommittee came as the Scarabeo 9, an oil rig leased by the Spanish company Repsol, embarks on oil exploration in deep Cuban waters some 70 miles south of the Florida Keys, and the Bahamas contemplates offshore drilling of its own, perhaps by mid 2013.
The temporary hearing room at the Doubletree by Hilton Ocean Point had an ocean view. “We’re not used to seeing breakers like this on the Potomac,’’ noted Rep. Billy Long, R-Mo.

WHAT?!? Billy's point of reference to the Atlantic Ocean breakers on the beach is ?!

Ah jeez, has Long lost touch with where he came from or not? Weepin' Jesus on the cross...The Potomac Riverfer cryin' out loud!

Bus riders, don't you think that he would have, could have, should have used Tablerock Lake, Lake Taneycomo, Bull Shoals Lake or even Stockton Lake as his point of reference to the breakers?

Remember Billy, all or major portions of these lakes are in your district, The Potomac River? That's in Washington D.C. Billy Long's frame of reference ISN'T the beautiful lakes of the MO7, no, it's the Potomac River--which is in WASHINGTON D.C.!
Yeah, Billy, Fed up? quack quack.

So Billy's got this great slogan, "FED UP". Remember, it was on his campaign signs, which the last we heard, ended up in a dumpster behind his office on East Battlefield.

"Fed Up" -- what a shame to waste it.

Then there's the stories we keep hearing on the street about financial affairs-- notices in "The Daily Event", a "request for notice" from Commerce Bank filed with the Greene County Recorder's office, about his FEC report showing a loan of $100,000.00 to $250,000.00 from his father,-- you know, the bank of last resort.

Yes, Billy needs to resurrect "FED UP" and fast.

But he can't be "Fed UP" with career politicians and their cronies because he is one now.

Dang, it's a shame to waste a perfectly good slogan like "FED UP".

Can't it be re-born again?

Billy preyed on it. And he got all sorts of people to prey too.simulated supporters preying for the re-birth of "FED UP"

Then, as Billy got into the big black F150 and headed to Walgreen's for snake bite kits, he had a "Damascus" moment!
(Schiavone, thanks for the pic, bud!)






He effin' nailed it!

YES! This is better than GOT MILK!

He can be "FED UP" with Obama!

What a joke.

Ah jeez.



Anonymous said...

Billy don't look good in that last video.

Do you think he caught something?

Pappy said...

"Weeping Jesus on the Cross"!!!