Sunday, April 29, 2012

Billy Long in D.C.--- That's Hollywood for Ugly People

 Billy Long attended the White House Correspondence Dinner as the guest of Howard Goller Washington Editor, Reuters Professional News. 

Earlier today, MSNBC had a segment on the WHCD. Included in that segment was this sentence:
"Some say Washington D. C. is Hollywood for ugly people."  or words to that effect

Of all the crowd shots NBC could have chosen to illustrate 'ugly people'.....  well just watch for yourself.

1.  Earlier this year Long was featured as the 'least effective'  congressional tweeter

2.  How much does it cost to drop a bill?  Last April, in an appearance before the Joplin Tea Party (Long told NPR he was 'tea party before tea party was cool'*) in Joplin, MO "The National Auctioneer's Association called the office and they said, "We want you to proclaim the third Saturday in April, which a lot of states already have an auctioneer's day, a lot of cities already have an auctioneer's day. They say, "We'd like for you to 'drop that bill'." The NAA was a major contributor to Long's campaign, giving $5,000 in June 2010 and another $5,000 after Billy dropped the bill.

3. Fed up with Billy Long?  So's the Joplin Globe

4. In addition to making Keith Olberman's "Worst Person in the World" --- twice!-- Long's antics while in Washington are discomforting. During the primary, Long tried to pass off his playing in high stakes poker games --some with $25,000 entry fees) as just a way to relax.

5.  Billy is a combination class clown / bully. Recently at a meeting concerning the closing or rural post offices in MO7, Long said,

"You catch a lot more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. So, when you tell stories about me through some of your representatives that I want to privatize the Postal Service, which is an out and out lie, that doesn't help you any with me or my office. So...."
Unfortunately for Long, during the campaign, he did state he was in favor of privatizing the Postal Service, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and the TVA.

6.   Still wonder why we're "FED UP"?   "Despite his lack of political experience and his outsider status, Long also seems comfortable in Washington. He's already made a half dozen or so good friends in the first year and seems to enjoy kibitzing with his colleagues (although he avoids Washington's night-time social circuit, preferring to go home for another sandwich and some rest.)" What Billy says he does and what Billy does are sometimes not the same: and

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