Monday, July 16, 2012

When Billy Long says he's "FED UP", means it---literally. And it's on the taxpayers' dime!

Fed UP translates to Well FED.

I had been hearing stories about Long's eating habits in WASHDC. Like how he told a constituent, as the tale was related to me, not to worry about the cost of the entrees at the dining establishment they were eating. Seems old Billy told the gentleman that the 7th district was picking up the tab.

This may just be a tale told out of school, BUT

....and this is a big BUT, I do remember this-- In April 2011 Long spent $1,333 in campaign funds for a membership in the "Capitol Club":

According to his quarterly report filed Tuesday with the FEC, one of the first things Long did in Washington was to spend $1,333 of his campaign funds to join the exclusive "Capitol Hill Club".
Membership in the Capitol Hill Club is by invitation only. The membership process can take four to six weeks. The candidate must submit the completed membership application with the applicable initiation fee.

Pretty Ritzy, huh? Makes the Metropolitan Grill look like Does.

So this Op-Ed piece is all the more interesting.

Billy really, really likes the Capitol Club.

Billy Long: Fed up's many definitions
Updated: 2012-07-13 11:28:14
by Doug Joyce

Billy Long was fed up; now he is well fed.

Two years ago Billy Long was “fed up.” He ran a congressional campaign on needing to get spending under control and to balance the budget. He was fed up with the way Washington, D.C. was operating and promised to change the culture.

Now, two years later, let’s look at what he has accomplished. He has voted along party lines with John Boehner and the Boys. He has voted to increase the debt limit. He has voted to increase spending and he is very proud to be able to bring 2.8 million of your dollars to Joplin to be used by the “volunteer” Americorps program, a make work jobs program for young adults.

Although one person may not bring change alone, each one must hold to his or her principles, stand up, and say, NO MORE, I AM FED UP. If enough people do that, then change can come.

Billy Long has not done that. In fact, he has become a lock-step in-line Boehner Boy.

I was embarrassed to see him stand in front of the nation and auction off the US debt. Some may have thought it to be cute and funny. I was appalled my representative would stoop so low.

In order to see how really conservative Billy Long is and to understand how he will spend our tax dollars, we need to look at how he spends his own money, or, rather, the money folks and out of state political action committees have given him to keep him in office. It doesn't matter who has given the money. Folks are certainly entitled to support whomever they choose, and political action committees are entitled to try and influence elected officials. But let’s look at how Billy has spent this money.

He has reported five quarters of spending. He started real slow, sort of getting to learn the ropes from Boehner and the Boys.

First Quarter 2011 meals, $1,616.47; transportation, $25

Second Quarter 2011 meals, $4,273.44; transportation, $1,280.54

Third Quarter 2011 meals, $1,820.24; transportation, $0

Fourth Quarter 2011 meals, $4,099.25; transportation, $4,751.49

First Quarter 2012 meals, $7,878.97; transportation, $3,867.26

As we can see by and large he has accelerated his spending. And in the first quarter of 2012 most of this meal money has been spent at the Capitol Hill Club and other fine dining areas in Washington, D.C.

This spending of donated money to be used for re election shows me Billy Long is not in touch with us, his constituents. He is in touch with Washington, D.C. and it has only taken him 1 ½ years to learn to play Washington’s game. He learns fast.

Residents of the 7th Congressional District, we have a choice. Mike Moon is a conservative Republican and will be a strong voice in Washington. Get the facts. Fed up? Well, Mike is the answer.

Now, reports of Long's financial insecurity are surfacing. Watch this video: The description of the video:
Billy Long doesn't care if he gets re-elected. He speaks to his business acumen just as his entire 'empire' is about to implode. Billy borrows megabucks from his father - There's nothing wrong with family helping family - but the problem is Billy's habit of overspending is now seen in his Liberal spending of massive amounts of taxpayer funds. Billy's overall Conservative rating is pathetic.
And then there are those 'pesky' request for notice things filed with the recorder's office. What's that all about?


Anonymous said...

If he is borrowing hundreds of thousands from his dad, you have to ask what banks have turned him down and why.

Yeti coolers said...

The appx. total of his spending is $22417.21.

Anonymous said...

Now listen, there is more to Billy Long now than when he was elected to Congress in 2010. You 'Bus Riders' followers need to give him credit for this.

From what I can tell, and I saw him about a month ago at a local eatery, there is about 80-100 pounds more Billy than two years ago. Damn he's a 'big 'en'.

Anonymous said...

You know, I didn't give this bozo and money but IF I had I'd be pissed off.

What the hell costs so much?

Geeeze. And this is a conservative? My ass.

Anonymous said...

sorry...should be "any money".....