Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What If They Gave A Party And No One Came?

From NBC's Doug Adams:
Sen. Pat Roberts (KS) is now the eighth Republican senator to announce that they will not attend the GOP Convention in St. Paul, Minn., next month.

Roberts spokeswoman told the Topeka Capital Journal today that Roberts will be campaigning that week, finishing up his 105 county statewide tour during the convention week.

Four others who've announced they won't be attending are -- Ted Stevens (AK), Elizabeth Dole (NC), Gordon Smith (OR), and Susan Collins (ME). All are running for re-election and are in close races. (Collins may have the easiest race, but she's never been a close ally of McCain.)

Three other GOP senators who are retiring this year have also said they'll skip the St. Paul festivities -- Larry Craig (ID), Chuck Hagel (NE) and Wayne Allard (CO).

And the list could grow. Two more GOP senators locked in tough re-election races -- John Sununu (NH) and Roger Wicker (MS) are still undecided about attending.


Jason said...

Did you hear about the Al Franken event (I think last week) where only one person showed up and had an hour one-on-one with Franken?

It's amazing how the Rs are jumping off the ship as fast as they can.

Anonymous said...

There's an old saying in politics that elections are won or lost one vote at a time.