Thursday, August 07, 2008

It's An Old Story: Man Tries To Get Rid Of Wasps, Burns Down Garage. Yeah, His Car Was In There, Too.

It's an old story, a man puts some lighter fluid on a rag wrapped around the end of a stick, lights it, and holds it up to the wasp nest, trying to burn the nest.

Instead of merely getting rid of wasps, a man from Fardal in Western Norway, ended up burning down the garage with his car inside.
The wasps are gone, but so is the garage and car.

The senior citizen poured lighter fluid on a rag and lit it. He failed to notice that the woodpile containing the wasp's nest also caught fire. By the time fire fighters arrived, both the garage and the man's car were smouldering wrecks, writes daily newspaper Sogn Avis.

He is now waiting to hear if the insurance will cover his loss.

"Maybe using lighter fluid wasn't such a good idea, but it was an accident all the same and the wasps are gone!" he said to Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK).

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