Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Roy Quits! Hires On With Two Men And A Truck

Fed up with Washington infighting and the failed policies of President Bush and the Republican party, Former US Representative Roy (Rely On Your Beliefs) Blunt followed the lead of his son, the soon to be former Governor of Missouri, Matt Blunt, and quit his stressful government job to take a position as a mover's helper with Two Men and a Truck. Before Roy can wear the sweat stained white tee shirt bearing the logo of Two Men and A Truck, he will have to attend Stick Men University and learn "Grandma's Rule", which is something he should have followed while he was in Washington.

Below is a candid shot of Roy on his first day on the job. As you can see, he hasn't earned the right to wear the tee shirt yet. Unfortunately, he also is not wearing the OSHA mandated back brace or a hard hat. Hopefully he will not file a workmen's comp claim because there may not be any money left in the workmen's comp fund to pay the claim.


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Old Roy started his own company-Three Preppies and a Disaster-Op. See photo of him, Junior and the Homeland Security zombie