Thursday, May 01, 2008

Another Shoot-Out On The Springfield Square

Another shoot-out on the Springfield Square. (Say, is that the Heer's building there on the right side of the painting, next to the hay wagon?)

Councilman Gary Deaver says he and Mayor Carlson have serious concerns and he gets in a pissing contest with Councilman Chiles.

KY3 TV's David Catanese follows the email trail:

Springfield Mayor Tom Carlson and and councilman Gary Deaver are accusing fellow councilman Dan Chiles of undermining the city's plan to renovate the downtown square.
"I haven't undermined anything. The staff has, in my opinion, blundered through this process and I suppose they need to blame someone," said Chiles in a chilly response to Deaver.
"I hope the public doesn't think I'm getting all this pressure because I'm asking questions about the possible waste of public money," Chiles added.

From Councilman Deaver's email to Councilman Chiles:
"Since we have been seen Dan carbon copied (cc) as Councilman Chiles on several e-mails from organizations looking to delay our efforts. It appears Dan is acting as a Councilman in contacting these organizations. Additionally in a newspaper story Dan wrote, he offered very thinly veiled threats to obstruct the Council approved renovation. The byline of the story was Councilman Dan Chiles. I'd like a legal opinion as to the appropriateness of these activities which are directly opposed to Council action,"

From Councilman Chiles' reply to Councilman Deaver:
"Nosing around my private e-mails won't fix their problems. You get what you pay for. (Bus note: Is Chiles referring to the fact that council serves without pay or the perceived shaky way the square proposal was let?)I write lots of e-mails and they are on my own time, on my own computers and using my personal e-mail service."

Head on over to KY3 Political Notebook for a 'blow by blow' account.

Where's staff? Can't city attorney help arbitrate this dispute?


Oh, they're busy.

(Did you ever notice that when you go to email city council from "The City" website, what the email addresses are? They all seem to have the same email address:

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