Monday, January 07, 2008

Deadly Bus Accident In Utah

Deadly bus accident in Utah. Usually when these things happen they are in a third world country and rate only a line or two at the end of a newspaper column.

Since the advent of computer generated layout of newspaper pages, the bus plunge has almost become extinct. For quick overview of the "bus plunge", read the Wikipedia entry.

Jack Shafer, writing for Slate Magazine, wrote the definitive piece on the phenomena of the "Bus Plunge". Read it here.

This blogging business, when everything is put into perspective, is not a life or death business. It is fun to blog and to be on the cutting edge of events that happen in this fair city, the great state of Missouri, our nation and the world. It is also so easy to get caught up in the trappings of self-importance. Events like this bus accident put everything in perspective.

This bus accident was a tragic event. Our sympathy goes out to the families of those involved in this mishap.


Anonymous said...

FYI The NY Times is reporting it as a 'bus tumble", not a "bus plunge".

Anonymous said...

The police in Utah are once again telling the press that the passengers were "ejected". They do this all the time because they want the Utah state legislature to pass a primary seatbelt law so they can collect the $11 million (or whatever it is this year) bribe NHTSA has offered them if they do. This is supposed to convince the public that the passengers would have beens saved if they had been wearing seatbelts. Take a look at the picture. Do you think the passengers would have been better off trapped in the bus by their seatbelts? If any were "ejected", which I doubt, it would have improved thier chances of survival.

Anonymous said...

My cousin happened to be on this bus. All but two people on the bus were ejected. We do not know if they would have been better off trapped inside by seatbelts or not. God definitly had a hand on them during this accident. By the looks of the bus they were lucky to have any survivors.