Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Did you ever wonder what Billy Long and Sheriff Joe Arpaio were talking about when they had their photo taken together last week in Tampa?

Couple of weeks ago Todd Akin and Billy Long went on a bus ride together. That's Billy and Todd and a whole bunch of other guys in the photo by Billy's bus. (Shane Schoeller, who's running for Secretary of State, is in the photo also. (He's the SLF third from the left.)He just got a cool half a million dollars in campaign donations from Rex Sinquefeld. Wonder what Rex expects in return?)

But back to Billy and Todd.

Last week Karl Rove "joked" about murdering Todd Akin. Here's some background on Karl's meeting.

Todd Akin didn't think the "joke" was too funny. Todd Akin's office disturbed by Karl Rove joke.

Huh. So a bunch of bloggers in MO7 write things that Billy Long doesn't like and he turns them into the FBI. (Here's a whole bunch of posts about that incident.)

Bungalow Bill discusses Billy's actions also:

Last week, Karl Rove talked about murdering Missouri Congressman Todd Akin. His words were far more dangerous than any thing bloggers have written about Congressman Billy Long. You may remember Congressman Long. Five days into his term as Congressman of Missouri's Seventh District, Congressman Long turned over a list of bloggers who he found worrisome and had their backgrounds investigated and called upon the FBI to intimidate these bloggers... Karl Rove says Todd Akin should be murdered, and where's Long and his staff member's concerns?

Did Billy call the FBI on Karl like he did on those bloggers?

A Big Chris Matthews "HAH"! You know he didn't!

But maybe, just maybe, that's what Billy and Sheriff Joe were discussing when this photo was taken. Surely it wasn't Billy's jokes because both these guys look like sourpusses. btw-- Billy seems to have taken this photo down from his twitter feed. Embarrassed by it, Billy?

This just in: While in Tampa appearing at the comedy club, Billy "I'm a congressman, not too proud of that but I am" Long told a long involved joke about not swimming in the Sea of Galilee because he had nothing to wear. Then this photo surfaces. Unconfirmed reports say this man wearing the bottom half of a speedo bikini while fishing off a boat in the Sea of Galilee last August may not be Billy Long.


Anonymous said...

Your link to Bloomberg on Karl Rove's meeting is kind of messed up, however I also watched SHEELAH KOLHATKAR discussing the meeting on Democracy Now today. Regarding Todd Akin:

"Rove then listed off a handful of people who are interested in his seat, his spot on the ticket, if he actually does leave, including a former senator of Missouri, Jack Danforth, who specifically told Rove that the selection of Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney’s running mate was actually what galvanized him, because, he said, 'Well, this indicates to me that Romney is really serious about tackling entitlements and entitlement reform, so I want to get in on that'.

So there’s this whole group of people sort of chomping at the bit to take over Akin’s spot"


Jack Danforth???

As for Billy and Sheriff Joe ...Joe winked at Billy and told him he dang sure had "Fed Up" figured out from the git-go.

Busplunge said...

Thanks for the heads up on the broken link. It's fixed now.

Anonymous said...

Gah! Even if it isn't Billy in a speedo the thought alone is enough to make me swear off donuts and deep fried.

Anonymous said...

The pic is scary.