Thursday, August 30, 2012

Billy Long doesn't know how there are any Jewish Democrats.

“I don’t know how there are any Jewish Democrats,” said Missouri Republican Billy Long, “With what Obama did to Bibi Netanayahu, I don’t know how there are any Jewish Democrats.”

Long takes one trip to Israel and he thinks he's a got damp expert.javascript:void(0)

Talkin' Israel at the RNC:

No one seemed to have the appetite for getting into details. Speakers on the convention podium, including Condoleezza Rice spoke in general about taking back America’s leading role in the world, instead of “leading from behind,” but did not provide much substance. Advisers to the Romney campaign also avoided wading into the specifics of a future Republican administration’s policy regarding the Syrian civil war, Iran’s nuclear ambitions, or the moribund Israeli – Palestinians peace process.

"They wanted me to go swimming but I told them I didn't have a thing to wear. Ha. Ha. Ha."


Anonymous said...

But, Romey pledged his support for Israel and kicked sand in Putin's face. Good for him........and us.

We're not going to have any more of this Chicago(now a racist term according to that race-baiter Chris MSNBC Whoever), candy-ass foreign policy after Romney is elected.

Busplunge said...

Glad to see you're riding the bus, Billy.

Anonymous said...

Busplunge is clearly giving Billy the jitters with his revelations...that ironically reveal even more about Billy in the comments.

Excellent job.

Anonymous said...

Belly Long is a fine example of the intelligence of the voters of SW Missouri. Now the whole country knows what the people here are like, and what they like.

All sizzle no steak.

Anonymous said...

What's up with Billy's hands. Are they frozen in that position? I know it wasn't a war injury like Bob Dole.

Anonymous said...

Glad to be aboard Jim.

Anonymous said...

I know several Democrat Jews, Jim you do too. One worked in our Greene County Headquarters for years (30-40?). She said she was a "yellow dog Democrat". Her words. She was very liberal and absolutely had no use for a Republican or an Arab (pronounced Long-A/ RAB).

True story.