Sunday, April 15, 2012

All the news that fits. All the news that's fit. Either way it's gonna cost you more. Springfield News-Leader unveils new pricing plan

Today the Springfield News-Leader unveiled its new subscription plan:

A new subscription plan, reserving full digital access to subscribers and offering attractive rates for digital usage and home delivery of the print edition.

Smartphone apps, a tablet version and access to the daily e-Newspaper, along with 24/7 coverage from

New content, including added columnists, more ideas for enjoying the great outdoors, features on the rich history and traditions of the Ozarks, and helpful tips for women with busy family lives.

Earlier publication of content to digital users, plus more video clips and up-to-the-minute news.

More digital services for advertisers and businesses in the Ozarks.

Effective May 1, our new subscription model will change the way you use — and pay for — our content.

Online users will no longer have unlimited access to our content. Full access will be limited to subscribers, who will pay a minimum of $12 per month and up to $22 per month on an automatic payment plan if they want 7-day home delivery of the newspaper.

...On any given week, you’ll find dozens and dozens of stories, plus photos and other content, you cannot get from any other news source in Springfield. We provide more in-depth and watchdog reporting than other media, plus have unique local content in news, features, sports and opinion.

During the past two years, we’ve been working hard to improve the News-Leader — with new features and content across the board — plus, we have expanded our community involvement and leadership with efforts like our Every Child public-service journalism project.

We’re adding even more new features, including:

A new weekly column from Juliana Goodwin, who will write about the fascinating people and interesting places and things of the Ozarks. (See her first column on today’s front page.)Twice-weekly sports columns from Kary Booher.

Expanded outdoors coverage, with reporter Wes Johnson focusing on helping you enjoy the great outdoors in the Ozarks, including practical tips on how and where to go.

New consumer and family information aimed at helping busy women make the most of their family and personal lives.

More news stories and features on Ozarks history, traditions and values.
Some of the stories in the bus garage: sexual harassment lawsuit in the Ozarks; local office seeker has bankruptcy problems (NOT Steve Helms); gas company goes bankrupt, employees find other jobs; Republicans for Obama Springfield connection; vacant lots and pregnant women.


Anonymous said...

The content hasn't been worth the purchase price for a long, long time. Asking to pay for access to what remains is silly at this point.

News-Leader, it was nice to have known you.cre

Anonymous said...

Posted earlier on The Turner Report

Anonymous said...
I get the News-Leader delivered to my home. I don't really know why. I guess bad habits are hard to break.

I find this new tribe in charge at the News-Leader to be more interested in getting along than in getting to the bottom of things.

For example, the sheriff and prosecuting attorney said, 'we need more money.'A responsible newspaper group would have looked into how the current money is being spent. For example, 85 employees but only 22 patrol deputies. The Sheriff used slow response times as a need for the 1/8 cent tax rate. Hard to respond in a timely manner when 63 employees are sitting on their rearends at the sheriff's office.

Now, should a newspaper be involved enough to discover and discuss issues like this? Not at the News-Leader.

The editor and his crew sit on their rearends waiting for the political press secretaries and public information officers at the county, city, school, university, hospitals, MoDot, etc. to hand-feed them whatever they want reported.

It's either a money issue, brainpower issue, or management issue at News-Leader. Looks to me it is a publisher/editor/management group with limited brainpower trying to save money to enhance their bonus at year-end.

Today, I'll bet the majority of the employees at News-Leader with children in public schools qualify for the free-lunch program.

Busplunge said...

Re comment left by anon at 11:11 AM:

Former and current employees of news-leader are serving or have served as PIOs of the following government entities:

School District
Parks Board

Who'd I miss?

Anonymous said...

O.K. So will I be ruined if I do not subscribe to the News-Leader? Let's see.

I can go to and get more political perspective; to for political and world and national news and commentaries; to for sports; to for worldwide weather, including Everton, MO (why the hell would anyone want to know the weather in Everton?); to The Turner Report for all things Jeff City; to to buy everything under the sun; to or USMTS for modified racing or to Speed Sport News for racing news; to KY3 or KOLR online for local stuff; to Missouri Lottery to find out I continue to be a loser;to MarketWatch to follow stock news; and,and,and, son-of-a-bitch, I don't really need the News-Leader.

Bus, post this on the thread currently running on the N-L thread on this subject.

Timeshare Jake said...

This paper isn't worth the cost of paper it takes to print it. Do they really think an electronic version will attract more readers. Everyone I know in this community calls it the Snooze Leader for a reason.

Bushwacker said...

It would take a looong time to reconstruct a bad habit. It's gonna take some time but it is, and can be changed.

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Anonymous said...

The two largest political events of the year in Southwest Missouri occurred this weekend. The Democrats had Jackson Days and the Republicans had the 7th District Convention.

Sorry you missed both events, New-Leader, you lazy, ignorant so and sos.