Sunday, January 01, 2012

Hooniverse Car of the Year--- two of my brother's posts are in the top ten

Fast post this new year's morning....

Hooniverse, a car blog, to which my brother John, aka Longrooffan, is a contributor, has listed ten cars in contention for "Hooniversal Car of the Year".

Two of the submissions are by Longrooffan:

1. Our own Longrooffan knows exactly how to play to his base. Let’s face it, if you’re going to be talking to the crowd here at Hooniverse, you have to pick a car that speaks to them. It’s hard to pick a car that’s more Hooniverse than a V8-powered station wagon with wood-grain paneling. It doesn’t have a racing pedigree, it isn’t the prettiest, and it isn’t even his. But goddammit, it’s awesome, he wants it… and now… so do I, I’m not gonna lie.

2. There aren’t a whole lot of cars that can take on the Zombee and the ‘Vair, but we have a sneaking hunch that the Zyncro might just be the one to do it. The Longrooffan stumbled across this awesome little van while grabbing a quasi-synthetic-chicken sandwich at McDonald’s, and its story was the essence of Hooniverse. Retirees Rainier and Bridgette started out in “the middle of Germany”, and decided to drive their car around the world. Without a real plan. They quite literally drove until they hit an ocean, and then caught the next transport ship to wherever it happened to be going. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Bus Riders: Please link on over to Hooniverse Nation and vote for which car most deserves the 2011 Hooniversal Car of the Year crown? You can vote at the bottom of this post: Hooniversal Car of the Year, it's time to choose the winner

Remember, little brother John is "Longrooffan" and his two entries (which were selected by the staff of Hooniverse and reader nominations) needs your votes!

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