Thursday, January 12, 2012

Billy Long endorses Mitt Romney

Deidre Shegreen, writing for the Springfield News-Leader is reporting Long to Endorse Romney.

Mitt Romney and Matt Blunt and an unidentified person of interest relate to Matt's Dad Roy their conversation with Billy Long how they secured Long's endorsement of Mitt (Hint, $2,000 and a promised hug from the dairy queen)

Rep. Billy Long will announce his support for Mitt Romney’s presidential bid today.

Long will join former Sen. Jim Talent, R-Mo., on a media conference call this afternoon “to discuss their support of Mitt Romney as well as President Obama’s failed record,” according to a media advisory.

Talent has long been a key supporter of and adviser to Romney. the ex-Massachusetts governor and White House hopeful. But Long has stayed out of the GOP presidential fray until now. As recently as last month, Long said he wanted to let the race “play out” rather than making an endorsement.

But now that the Iowa and New Hampshire contests are over, with Romney winning both, Long has apparently decided to weigh in.
:In other news, Billy Long and Vickie Hartzler each got a $2,000.00 campaign contribution from Mitt Romney's PAC. So much for being "Still Fed Up"!

Even AFTER Romney gave him $2,000, Ozark Billy was reluctant to commit. In November, 2011, Long told reporters “I’m A.B.O.,” Long, always ready with a one-liner said. “Anybody but Obama."

Slick Billy is a disaster as a congressman, he misses votes, his cowboy hat and cowboy boots don't play well with the Georgetown crowd. He is not the big fish in a small pond, but a tiny fish in a big pond. He is not happy but, hey, the money's good and it's got good benefits and good health insurance. He thinks he probably throw his hand in the ring for another two years. He thinks the folks back home just love his stories and jokes. It's an easy job the way he does it, it's an easy job.

Heck, here's Billy's own words: "This job is not hard, It's not hard work. But it's long hours, and they keep you hopping all day."

And, from the same News-Leader article are these gems:

"I'm fed up (because) nobody wants to do anything up here except get re-elected. That's all they care about."

"I'm 56 years old. I'm not a young guy coming in with aspirations to be speaker in 25 years."

Long has not strayed too often from the House Republican leadership on major bills, voting with the GOP 93 percent of the time, according to a Washington Post tally of votes.

Long says he wasn't a politician when he got here and he hopes he won't be one when he leaves.


rangem said...

why doesnt bumpkin billy talk about his failed term in congress

Springburg said...

Not much to read into this here. Billy is dutifully following morning orders from yag-central like a good little bolshevic. Billy Long doesn't care who the president is as long as its some sort of republican, preferably one that the machine that he owes his alegiance to to has made a deal with already. All of the Blunt people inexplicably pushed for Romney last time. My guess is that some sort of deal has been made. Not that that is all bad--the Blunt/Ashcroft/etc crowd has gotten very good at this, and whatever deal they have made that inbreeds them with the Romney people is probably going to be good for Billy. I think he is probably navigating those shark-infested waters pretty well right now.