Wednesday, February 09, 2011

I don't think Blake and Billy are brothers, or even cousins.

But they sure have some of the same habits and they even resemble each other.

Here's a photo of Blake acting like a kid:

And here's a photo of Billy acting like a kid:

Here's a photo of Blake using his phone:

Here's is a photo of Billy using his phone:

Here's another photo of Billy using his phone:

Here is Chris Leahman's Blake:

Here is Chris Leahman's Billy:

This from Bungalow Bill:

Meet Blake. Blake is a fun loving guy, who likes the wine, women, and song, who coincidentally sounds like a Tea Party guy as well. Pay attention to what he says on his campaign Web site. It's impressive.

I believe our government is too big and too expensive. We need to return to the ideals outlined by our founding Fathers in our Constitution and return the power to states, local governments and most importantly the individual. I believe in less government (which means more freedom) and lower taxes (which means bigger paychecks). I’ll fight to defend your freedoms including freedom of speech & religion, the right to bear arms and the right to be free from discrimination.

Right on, right on, right on. A funny thing happened to Blake, he became Congressman Farenthold and bought into John Boehner's rhetoric.

Soon he began acting like the establishment, promoting big intrusive federal government that our founding fathers would be furious over. One of the first bills he sponsored was the "If You See Something Say Something Act of 2011" which increases the size and power of the Department of Homeland Security--you know the same people that want to touch Blake's junk when he travels back to Corpus Christi.

He began to listen to the establishment like gun grabbing Republican Peter King who chairs the Homeland Security committee that Blake sits on. Then he began listening to Boehner, who decided it was in the federal government's best interest to continue spying on Americans in the name of national security without any warrants.

He also began to meet other Tea Party frauds like Billy Long from Southwest Missouri, who also pretend to care about what the founding fathers had to say while voting exactly the way the establishment tells him to vote.

Wouldn't you know it. Both these self-proclaimed champions of liberty decided to a very bad thing last night. They didn't join the 26 Republicans who remained true to the Tea Party. Oh, now both Blake and Billy voted against freedom and liberty and the Constitution. They voted to extend the Patriot Act. In other words, all those nice words Blake said on his blog are quite meaningless, because he believes the federal government has the right to wiretap your phone, e-mails, and text messages.


Anonymous said...

You know in all of those pictures Long was caught Tweeting (or in his case because he can't develop a 144 character tweet of any significant meaning, retweeting). Blake is probably calling hookers for his and Billy's entertainment. At least Blake is more productive with his time.

Anonymous said...

Billy Long's photo looks almost lifelike.