Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I lied. I got your vote. I will do what I want. Burn on you.

The St. Louis Tea Party issued the following press release this morning:

Senator-Elect Roy Blunt Faces First Test of His Term

(November 16, 2010) Just two weeks after defeating Robin Carnahan in the Missouri Senatorial race by a whopping 13 point blowout, Senator-Elect Roy Blunt is now posed with but one question: Will he hold true to his word?

On October 4, 2010, then-Candidate Blunt signed onto the Tea Party Treaty, thereby conveying the message that he understands the concerns of his constituents, as well as his duty to them. That being said, it is now time to put his ink-mark where his mouth is. Sen. Jim DeMint, R-South Carolina has pushed forth a challenge to the GOP for a 2 year moratorium on Earmarks. The ban, which looks to be voted on next Tuesday, is co-sponsored by 15 other Senators and Senator Elects. Blunt is not on that list.

With a fired-up base, burdened by a flailing economy amidst pork-barrel spending, Blunt will have to choose between the will of the people versus business as usual. Stakes are particularly high in this vote, as accountability has now entered into the formula. . .accountability Blunt chose to enter into.

St Louis Tea Party Coalition, along with Jefferson County Tea Party, Franklin County Tea Party and K & N Patriots (St Charles, MO), call Senator-Elect Blunt to task. These four groups are among the most active Tea Party Organizations in the St Louis area, with collectively, thousands of active members, and are signed to the same Treaty Blunt signed onto weeks ago.

Multipe calls made to the Senator-Elect’s office were not returned for comment. Interestingly, his Twitter account, which was highly active during his campaign, has seemingly gone inactive since his election. Despite the hundreds of queries and comments of outrage directed at @RoyBlunt, the message this blatant silence speaks to the constituents: “I lied. I got your vote. I will do what I want. Burn on you.”

Jen Ennenbach
Media Liaison
St. Louis Tea Party Coalition

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Timeshare Jake said...

Earmarks are tools of appropriation and appropriation is a Constitutional responsibility of the House. While I admit some earmarks need to be eliminated, earmarks play a vital role in transparency and ensuring our federal investments are returned to the district. The truth is, and Billy Long is on record of saying this, they are wanting to go to a merit based system to earmark, although the word earmark is never mentioned. This whole argument is very misleading.