Monday, April 19, 2010

"Half of Summersville was drunk Saturday" -- Mrs. Finn

More Leaves From An Ozark Journal, a "warmly human account of a young minister's experience among the people of the Missouri Ozarks in the era of the Great Depression," --Dr. R. M. Pope.

Wedding 10:30 AM, Mar. 17. Della and Delmar. May Hicks with them. Planned shower for them at L.M. Scott home.
Baptized Melvin Mayfield in Boone Creek 4:00 P.M. Just two present, Melvin and I. Fine supper in Mayfield home.

People pleased with E.E. Davison, two confessions. March 24. Lois's Birthday Party. Mr. Signs and Jim Williams powerful workers in excavating for basement in S.S. Annex.
Helen Gourley made confession at Oak Hill Mar. 26. Easter sermon March 28th. 119 people in attendance during the day. $16 added to the Building Fund.

April 4. Call on Mrs. Finn who said, "Half of Summersville was drunk Saturday." Some property destroyed in the jail. Funeral for Mr. Paudling on Monday. Big crowd.
Plato building program progressing.

Attended C.E. Convention at Ava April 10th and conducted two Bible Conferences using my twelve point method of Bible Study on Hadakkuk and Philemon. Met Miss Reynolds and Earl Johannes of Kansas City. Met Alden Campbell, State C.E. President. Reached home 1 A.M.

A pleasant Sunday at Plato. A letter from Houston calling me for pastor.

Reading Biographies of Scientists.

Letter from Mrs. ----- saying the Lutherans are insisting she have the baby sprinkled. For sake of peace in the home, I advised her to permit it but teach the child later what the New Testament says about baptism.

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