Wednesday, January 17, 2007

ice storm

Unless you don't have any power, like my 79 year old mother, it doesn't make any difference.

The CU guys and tree trimmers came down my street at 2AM on Saturday, using battery operated chainsaws so they wouldn't wake people up.

They were courteous, polite and friendly. And they gave me very good advice on repairing mast head at my son's house. (I got a licensed electrician to do it).

We have a gas cook stove and gas logs in the fire place. And a gas hot water heater. So, son, his wife, two grandkids, daughter, her husband, and my wife and mother made it through the storm.

I put the coleman lantern on a ladder outside the front picture window and we played board games all evening long. It was fun. Well, we had a lot of food and beer too.

It is almost over, my Mom is still without power, she is still with us. I took out to all the thrift stores today, goodwill, DAV, salvation army, we ran her regular route. And I got to park in the handicapped spaces! (she has a blue windshield placard).

Maybe her lights will be on tomorrow.

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