Friday, November 03, 2006

Phone calls

Just got a phone call from the Republican Party, recorded call, telling me if we elect liberal Democrats, we will lose the war on terror.

sort of ties in with Bush's speech this morning, all on terror?

Thursday night I got a call from out of Ohio, wanting to know if I planned to vote next Tuesday: Yes.
Did I plan to vote for Jim Talent or Claire McCaskill: McCaskill.
Was I pro-life or pro-choice: pro-life.
I was then subjected to about 60 seconds of how McCaskill was in favor of partial birth abortions, McCaskill was in favor of taking minors across state lines for abortions, McCaskill did not respect human life.
I listened not because it was going to change my mind, but because I was amazed at how hateful the message had become.
This was a pretty nasty phone call, and with Bush coming to town tomorrow, Talent must be hurting.
Remember his comment to Russert on Meet the Press: didn't think he was a great president, better than Carter, not as good as Ronald Reagan.
Maybe this big evangelist caught in the gay sex scandal will kill the kerry story. But I bet Bush mentions it tomorrow ---the Kerry comment, not the gay evangelical scandal.

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