Friday, November 03, 2006

Missouri Citizens for Ethics. ORG

I just received 2 phone calls, one from the Missouri Citizens for Ethics, suggesting that Sara Lampe is under investigation by the Mo Ethics Commission for accepting illegal campaign contributions. There was no paid for tag on the end of the phone call.

I suspect that this is more the work of the Republicans as Tim Trower had posted this information on the ky3 blog several days ago---see the ky3 political blog post about Nancy Hagan.

So I went to the website, not a clue who it is or how to contact other than via email

Interesting to note that Norma Champion is doing the same thing that the Republicans are accusing Sara Lampe of doing. Wonder when the ethics report against Champion will be filed.

The second phone call was from the wife of Steve Helms lamenting the personal attacks against her husband. She said he is a nice guy and we should vote for him. Again, not a tag on who paid for the phone call.

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Anonymous said...

Sheriff Jack Merritt just called me to let me know Steve Helms is the clear choice for state representative in my district. No "paid for by..." message either.