Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Fed Up with sandwiches, Billy Long now eats at restaurants with "Mai-tre d's"

Is Billy Long Fed up with sandwiches now too?

"Despite his lack of political experience and his outsider status, Long also seems comfortable in Washington. He's already made a half dozen or so good friends in the first year and seems to enjoy kibitzing with his colleagues (although he avoids Washington's night-time social circuit, preferring to go home for another sandwich and some rest.)"

Apparently not.  Billy's twitter feed from this evening:

when the Maî·tre d' rushes up to your table "Congressman Long do you have a Doctor in your group"? 911 on the way

Clarification - emergency at dinner wasn't at our table, Maî·tre d' was just hoping there was a Doctor amongst us. Another patron w/ stroke

If Billy eats at a this restaurant enough that the "Mai-tre d" knows his name it sort of makes his tale about going "home for another sandwich and some rest" just more Billy Long bullsheet.

Maybe Billy's at Cheers?  But I thought that was in Boston.

Either way, Billy's doing his best Norm imitation again.  He's the re-tweet king tonight.

As Billy said to Steve Grant a while back, "There's been many a slip between the cup and the lip."

Oh yeah, Roy Blunt gave Billy $5,000.00 last week.

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