Friday, December 02, 2011

Looking at the redistricting maps....Sellars and Leach in same district? Hough gets special district drawn just for him?

It looks like Rep Leach (R) who lives on West Calhoun west of Grant and announced candidate John Sellars, who lives on Loren east of Kimbrough and south of Grand, are drawn in the same district 132

132 Southeast boundary:

And it looks like Lincoln Hough, who lives on East Commercial (some say in his grandparents' house) had a special district drawn just for him, see that blip on the 135th, west of Glenstone, east of National, with Commercial going right through it? To see the Office of Adminstration map of Greene County lookee drawn just for him here.

Meanwhile, it is not known if Nelly will ever play Branson again.

Here are links to all the Greene County maps:

Map 1--- Overview

Map 2--- NE SGF

Map 3--- NW SGF

Map 4--- SW SGF

Map 5--- SE SGF

Bus Riders-- leave comments if you find anything else interesting. All addresses were taken from the 2011 names and numbers phone book.

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