Saturday, November 05, 2011

Billy Long -- Are you a public sector employee? Does that mean your job is wasteful?


Timeshare Jake said...

Congressman Long on the House floor says public sector jobs are a waste of your money. Congressman Long has shown in his short time in Washington he is not only good at creating public sector jobs, but he also is quite good at making sure those public sector jobs are paid well. In case you forgot, Congressman Long's staff, all public sector employees, ranks in the top highest paid freshman staff members in Congress. It looks like to me like Congressman Long is a contributor and not necessarily a slasher of wasteful spending in the public sector job market.

Considering, Long's less impressive legislative resume, which has pushed for more big government whether it be the expansion of Homeland Security, funding fraudulent lawsuits against the the federal government, or voting to create more debt ($2.4 trillion debt ceiling increase) to fund more of these wasteful public sector jobs, I have only one question Congressman Long. When can we you and your overpaid staff members' resignations? In case Mr. Long forgot, he sits in an overpaid public sector job who has easily become part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

Billy, I am a little confused. A few weeks ago, you voted for a $2.4 trillion debt ceiling increase to keep the government running and fund those federal jobs. Now you want us to believe you are fed up with those federal jobs? Do you think we aren't watching?

Anonymous said...

From The Turner Report:

"If Mel Hancock endorsed Billy Long so that Mel's record of public service would no longer be the worst in the history of the
7th District, it has proven to be a wise endorsement."

Very well said.

Anonymous said...

C'mon Republicans.

Find us a replacement for this guy.

Anonymous said...

My Pappy tolt me that they carry on in the big ciddy