Tuesday, September 06, 2011

McDonald's Commercial Clip from July

I found this on youtube, a shot of my commercial debut!

And, here's a link to a story in a UK trade sheet about the commercial: McDonald's new adver to have 1950s style:

A new advert for McDonalds, which will air from 6 September to mid October, will have a 50s theme and show an American family being transported to a new time.

The advert will be for a new limited edition product, which has not been revealed yet.

Portsmouth based The News revealed that the advert was filmed in Hertfordshire, featuring a local boy who will play a paperboy.

A spokesperson for McDonalds said that people would just have to ‘wait and see’ what the new product was.


longrooffan said...

You took the bus to Herefordshire? Yeah, you been busy.

Horse-farmer said...

Waht the heck are you doing running with hereford cattle? I thought you lived in the city.
Oh well, herefords are good if your feed them out correctly.

Anonymous said...

Excellent yield to oncoming traffic and the right turn was far better than average.