Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I've been busy.....

On August 8, 2011, around 5 o'clock PM, as I was closing up the cabins and getting ready to head back to Springfield, a sudden squall tunneling down the holler behind the cabins.

I was inside the B's Nest and I could hear the wind howling, tree branches hitting the roof, and I could see the wind blowing the heavy rain almost horizontal.

I was debating where to take shelter, should I go under the cabin or hide in the bathroom. That's how spooky it was.

I heard a loud crack, felt the cabin shake and several heavy thuds. I knew something had went down. I looked out the front door and saw a huge limb in the street about where I usually park my Suburban. But, because Ganey had left earlier, I moved my car up to her parking spot.

I was congratulating myself on my wisdom in moving my car because the limb would have surely fallen on it and, of course, I only have liability insurance.

I walked into the kitchen to get a drink and looked out the kitchen window.

Son Jim and I cut tree and got it off the road. Neighbor Jack and I cut the stump out of the deck and I rebuild the deck.

The trunk of the tree is about 20-25 feet long, straight oak. Make a great beam if someone wants it. We dragged it out of the road with a chain.

The deck looks different without that tree there. The repair job turned out nice. It took me all day to do it.


Anonymous said...

Whoa Nelly.

I'm surprised you didn't see Dorothy and Toto flying by.

A couple of months ago lightening struck a 50 year old white pine at the top of my brother's driveway.

It was like dynamite had exploded inside the base of the tree, blowing it upward and all over God's creation.

The electricity went underground into his house, shattered a few light fixtures and blew a few small appliances.

Then it traveled back out in a nanosecond and blew up big chunks of the concrete driveway.

Nobody hurt and the insurance paid him handsomely for that huge tree (by the foot).

Busplunge said...

H emust have better insurance than I.

Anonymous said...

Boy Jim, you're lucky. Had that tree come in on the cabin you'd be wearing angel wings for sure.

Glad you're okay and the deck does look nice.

Anonymous said...

Deck looks great....
when you said a tree came down, I was thinking it was on out on the slop behind the cabin.
what a mess

The CDM said...

Caught you on KY3 this morning, Jim. Damn yous gettin' ugly!

You keep getting more publicity, you might just have to run for Congress in the 7th district.

I'm just sayin'...