Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Jericho To Replace Catanese?

As David Catanese leaves flyover country, Jericho leaves the Morning Show.


Anonymous said...

This guy at KY3? Now that would be a real stretch.

Pure economics. His brand of 'bs' either ran out of audience and sponsors or higher ups in management came to Springfield and listened to him on a typical day.

The way he treated Frist, Steele, and the Blunts (whether or not you agree with them on issues) demonstrated a level of journalism that I would not tolerate if I owned the station.

It would be good to have some Curt Browns in the industry again.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps KSGF is clearing a spot for Bill 'All Hat & No Cattle' Long after Moore hands him his ____
on a platter in the August Primary Election.