Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Virginia State, Flags Half Mast, IRAQ WAR DEAD-nothing

Good old W, he ordered the flags to be flown at half staff in memory of the victims of the carnage at Virginia State.

The shooter's actions reinvoked in memories I felt from Jonestown years ago. What he did was horrible.

But every DAY our sons and daughters are dying in Iraq. What about them, W? Don't they too deserve the respect you have ordered for the victims in Virginia State? You don't even allow photos of the planes coming home and until recently, they flew home in the cargo hold of civilian airlines.

Jeez, what were you thinking?

I am a veteran, US Army, and I remember very well Viet Nam. I also remember when Life Magazine starting publishing the photos of guys who died that week. That was the end of the tunnel for nam. Even now, Americans can't stomach reading everyday how many US soldiers died in Irag without anything changing. Nine more died today in a suicide bombing. And Nothing's changed. "Mission Accomplished" my ass.

Say what you want about the suicide bombers, I know I don't know if I could strap a bomb on my chest and blow myself up for political beliefs. How in hell can we fight that?

George, turn out the lights and let's go home!

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